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The following is a list of emergencies that should be brought to the Building Managers’ attention immediately.  Building Managers - Vince or Tanya - 226-932-1952


Fire or smoke in your unit or on common elements (after calling 9-1-1), proceed to the nearest fire alarm station in the hallways and pull the handle.


Flooding in your unit or on common elements.


Water infiltration into your unit from a neighboring unit.


Vehicular accident on Corporation roadways, exterior parking lots or in interior garage.


Injury sustained on common elements. 


Accidental damages you have caused to any common elements.


Any situation which, in your opinion, might put the Corporation and/or its assets at risk or potentially result in bodily injury or any other type of damages for which the corporation might be held responsible or liable.




Identify source of leak and shut off water or contain water.


Contact owner above to see if water is coming from the unit above yours.


Contact plumber if leaking originates from your unit, give them as much information as you can regarding the source of the leak.


If significant damage has occurred;


Report damage to your insurance agent.


Property Management will contact the condo corporation’s insurance agent and also report incident.


Be available to provide access to your unit for the plumber, insurance, and restoration personnel if needed.


NOTE: Water damage caused by pipes or drains that service only one unit are the responsibility of the unit owner. Costs paid on behalf of the unit owner by the condo corporation to repair damage will be charged back to the unit owner.


Board Approved Contractors

Bluewater Plumbing 519-332-8050

Poleair Technical Furnace 519-337-3331



Recommendations to Reduce Risk of Water Damage


To comply with your responsibilities under the Condo Declaration


All plumbing as well as other repairs and renovations must be done by licensed qualified professionals.


Inspect furnace and dehumidifier semi-annually, once in spring and again in the fall, to ensure the air conditioner and dehumidifier condensate lines and drains are not blocked. Inspect drip drain pan at furnace to make sure there is no build up in hose.


Regularly check all plumbing fixtures and fittings for leaks (under sinks in kitchen and bathrooms).


Check drains in laundry room and furnace room to make sure the water is draining away properly.


Shut off unit water when away, even if it is only overnight.


Shut off water to laundry equipment if possible when not in use.


Inspect air conditioner water line before spring start up to ensure the water can flow freely to the drain.


Do not leave taps running when you are not in the immediate area.


Do not run washer or dishwasher if you are not present in the condo.


If you are away for an extended period, have someone check your unit regularly for water leaks to comply with insurance requirements. Thank you!








Shelter In Place

"Shelter in Place" is the practice of going or remaining indoors during the release of an airborne hazardous material, as opposed to evacuating the area.


  • Move out of the path of smoke or fumes to seek shelter indoors. Do not attempt to go through smoke or fumes.

  • Seek shelter in your suite or building and remain indoors. Sheltering in place can reduce your exposure to that of outdoors.


  • Close patio doors and all  windows

  • Stay calm. Avoid going to the basement in a chemical incident.

  • Do not attempt to evacute unless instructed to do so by the municipal authority. In the short term, staying indoors with the building closed up is the most effective action you can take.

  • Turn your radio on to one of the local Sarnia-Lambton radio stations and monitor it. CHOK 1070 AM or The FOX 99.9 FM or K106.3 FM.

  • Set thermostats so air conditioners and furnaces will not come on.

  • Stay away from the emergency area. If you see or hear of a chemical accient avoid the area as you may hinder emergency rescue and recovery efforts at the same time pu yourself into harms way.

  • Avoid calling 911 unless it is to report an emergency. To get information about the incident tune to your local Sarnia-Lambton radio stations.

  •  If you are a FaceBook member  Lambton Alerts has a page at!/LambtonAlerts

  • Lambton Alerts Web Site at


As long as the ventilation system is running, air from outside is being pumped into our hallways, which then because of the pressure, is entering our units through our doors.  As noted in previous minutes on the Owners' Page, the Board has taken action to have a switch installed to shut off the ventilation system if there is a threat from airborne hazardous material.

Building Superintendent Procedure

  • Immediate ventilation shut down procedure - shut off all air intake.

  • Announcement to be made via PA System that a "Shelter in Place" directive has been issued. All residents please close all windows and patio doors until the all clear has been announced - Repeat twice.

  • When "Shelter in Place" directive is removed, announce all clear - repeat twice.

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